IBM Integration Designer V8.5 Products

The above referred product named IBM Integration Designer v8.5 includes the following enhancements:
IBM Integration Designer V8.5 Products

  • Simplified IBM Business Process Manager Installation, configuration, migration, and administration processes to help reduce the time and effort required to set up, manage, and expand IBM Business Process Manager Environments.
  • New internal repository to enable a consistent method for storing document attachments, both internally and externally, using standard Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) interfaces.
  • New methods of Team definition, including service-based Team resolution and first-class support for Team managers.
  • Significant enhancements to the IBM Business Process Manager built-in dashboards to help improve business process outcomes and enable the creation of custom dashboards.
  • Improved collaboration, communications, and change tracking between business process stakeholders using IBM Blue works Live and implementation teams using IBM Business Process Manager.
  • Enhanced security capabilities for web services and support for SOAP headers in the IBM Business Process Manager Standard run time.
  • Entitlement to the IBM Worklight Enterprise Edition for Nonproduction Environment product to help accelerate the development of IBM Business Process Manager Applications on mobile devices.

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